Rough Sleeping

Thank you for contacting me about rough sleeping.

A single person without a roof over their head is one too many, and it is important that the most vulnerable people are helped to get their lives back on track.  It is welcome that almost 15,000 rough sleepers and those at risk of being homeless have been offered safe accommodation since the start of the pandemic.

Decisive action is being taken to end rough sleeping through more funding, ambitious legislation and improved support for our councils. Dame Louise Casey is leading a taskforce to support rough sleepers back into long-term accommodation as the spread of the virus is reduced.  Funding of £433 million will provide 6,000 units of move-on accommodation with wraparound support, of which 3,300 units will be available over the next 12 months.  A further £105 million was announced in June to help rough sleepers into stable accommodation by paying deposits and securing alternative rooms that are readily available.

Many people will continue to need additional support.  It is encouraging that £23 million is being provided to fund substance dependence treatment this year and arrangements are in place with our NHS to cover basic health needs.

These measures will reduce homelessness across our country and help towards ending rough sleeping by the end of this Parliament.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.