The UK Health System

The RJ&AH Orthopaedic Hospital in Gobowen is renowned worldwide for the superb quality of its care and outcomes.

Future Fit

Since 2014 the NHS Future Fit programme, led by local clinical professionals, has been reviewing hospital services. We must respect their judgement.

Tern Hill Task Force

When I learned that the Ministry of Defence had decided that the Royal Irish Regiment would be vacating Clive Barracks at Tern Hill, I invited a number of local councils and agencies to set up a Task Force to ensure that the transition of the site from the MoD in 2020 works for the long term adva

Acquis Communautaire

The Brexit negotiation process is going to require significant expertise and a consistent approach following the successful result of the referendum in June, when 17.4 million people voted to Leave the European Union.