The UK is better off out of the European Union

It has always been the aim of the European Union to create a United States of Europe, with a single, supranational government in Brussels. This was clearly confirmed by last year’s Five Presidents’ Report which made clear the intention to move the Eurozone from currency, to fiscal, to economic, to political union by 2025.  

The Prime Minister was granted very little as part of his renegotiation.  If we vote to Remain we will be excluded from the key decisions taken by Eurozone members but we will still be subject to the EU institutions, still outvoted in the Parliament, still outvoted in the European Council where David Cameron has been defeated 40 times and still overruled by the European Court of Justice.

So, there is no cosy status quo on offer – our future in the EU is one of second-class citizens, locked into associate status where we will always be outvoted.

We have reached a fork in the road.  They are leaving us.  We should seize this opportunity to leave the political arrangements of the EU and re-establish a new relationship with our European neighbours, based on trade and cooperation.

By leaving the EU, we will take full back control over all government policy including immigration, farming, and fisheries. We will have full representation on the global regulatory bodies, where we are currently represented by one twenty-eighth of a European Commissioner.  Increasingly, regulations are made at global level and by leaving the EU we can exercise the right to put forward amendments and to vote on key world bodies such as the WTO; working with international allies we can take a leading role in galvanizing world free trade.

According to the Government, if we stay in the EU with free movement, it is forecast that the UK population will increase to 71m by 2030.  A new house will have to be built every six minutes for the next 25 years. 

Absorbing 330,000 people every year is not sustainable when public services are already stretched.  If we Vote Leave, we will take back control of our borders and we can choose those whose skills we need to come here, such as skilled fruit pickers or eye surgeons.

By leaving the European Union we can take control over our agriculture and environment policies where the UK’s priorities should be to grow the rural economy and improve the environment.  We can target equal levels of expenditure, or more if we wish, specifically at our own farming industry and our rural environment. 

Instead of having half the money returned to us with conditions set by Brussels, we will be able to decide exactly how all the millions that we currently send will in future be spent according to our priorities. 

Above all, we will win back the ability of the British people to decide at elections who passes laws and raises our taxes.  We will be able to re-elect them if they govern wisely and spend taxes sensibly. 

Vital areas of Government competence are now in the hands of EU Commissioners who we can neither choose nor dismiss at an election.  We have one chance to take control and ensure that we shape our own future.  I would urge everyone to grasp this opportunity. Vote Leave on Thursday!