Owen Paterson visits Longslow Farm as part of Open Farm Sunday 2014


Owen Paterson was delighted to visit Longslow Farm, nr Market Drayton, at the invitation of Josephine Davies, as part of the ninth annual Open Farm Sunday on 8th June 2014. This initiative provides a great opportunity for people to get to know how their food is produced and how the countryside around them is cared for.  Longslow farm was one of 375 farms that opened to the public on Sunday.


National organisers, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), reports that a record number of visitors attended an Open Farm Sunday event. LEAF estimates that visitor numbers for 2014 will hit the 205,000 mark, exceeding the record breaking attendance of 2013. Of these visitors, seven in ten attended an Open Farm Sunday event for the first time and 17% of those had never visited a farm before.

Owen said “I was delighted to visit Longslow Farm on Sunday.  There was a great turnout with 570 people visiting this farm alone.  I am pleased that Open Farm Sunday gives people, many of whom have little knowledge of how a farm is run, the opportunity to show their support for farmers and the fantastic work they do.  It was great to see so many families enjoying the sunshine and learning about farming and food production.”