Owen Hails Unionist Agreement

The Conservatives and Ulster Unionists have agreed to create a new political force that will put up candidates in Westminster and European elections in Northern Ireland.

100th Birthday Celebrations

Owen visited Edgeley House Nursing Home, Whitchurch on Saturday to help residents celebrate the 100th Birthday of Mrs Lilian Davies.

Visit to Beech Grove

Owen visited Beech Grove Primary School on Friday. He met the school council and discussed their strategy for tackling bullying within the school.

Owen Visits Prees Primary School

Owen went to Prees C of E Primary School on Friday to meet pupils and teachers. He was shown round by the headmaster, Mr Tharby. He spoke to year 4, who asked him a whole range of questions about being an MP.

Beekeepers Association at Westminster

Owen has met Paul Curtis, Chairman on NSBKA and a delegation who visited Parliament having presented a petition to 10 Downing Street calling on the Labour Government to wake up to the threat posed to our economy, agriculture and environment by the decline in our bee population.

Royal Irish Regiment to Parade through Belfast

Nearly 3000 innocent people from 91 countries were murdered in the 9/11 massacre. Over 1,000 of these were Irish either by birth or descent. The Al Qaeda terrorists who planned this horror in the caves of Tora Bora did not discriminate between the race and religion of their western victims.