Autumn Budget 2017

The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his Autumn Budget to Parliament on 22nd November. He began his speech by highlighting that the UK economy is forming a new relationship with our European neighbours and we are on a path to a new future outside the European Union.

Public Sector Pay

In 2016, the public sector pay bill (excluding nationalised corporations) was £179 billion. This includes the wages and salaries of public sector workers, the employer National Insurance Contributions and employers' pension contributions towards public service pension schemes.


Tourism contributes over £126.9 billion to the UK economy, supports over 3.1 million jobs and is the lifeblood for many communities across the country.

Brexit & The Special Relationship

North Shropshire has historic links with the USA. Harold Macmillan appointed the former MP for Oswestry, David Ormsby-Gore, as the 36th British Ambassador to the USA in 1961 at the personal request of John F Kennedy, who had been a close friend of my predecessor at Oxford.

Dual the A5 campaign: Join the Shropshire Star's fight

Since 1991, there have been more than 1,785 casualties on the A5 north of Shrewsbury up to the Welsh border at Chirk. At the last count, 1,407 of these were slight, 320 were serious and 58 were fatal. Sadly, the latest figures may be worse as they will be updated at the end of September.