Astonishing Cost of Windfarms Revealed

Owen has been astonished by a number of Parliamentary Replies from Government Ministers on the cost of wind farms. Firstly the Renewables Obligation will cost consumers £25.1billion between 2002 and 2027.

He also attempted to get from the government some idea of the huge costs of connecting the planned 7,000 wind turbines to the national grid.

In a confusing response, Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks gave a number of figures adding up to over £10billion: £560 million to connect new renewable generation in Scotland and the North of England; further £3.8 billion to cover network refurbishment and the costs of accommodating new generators between 2007 and 2012; £5.7billion from 2005 to 2010 to cover network refurbishment and development.

Another astonishing reply revealed that the government has not worked out the cost of decommissioning wind farms and restoring sites to their original conditions.

Owen said “£10 billion is the same amount that it would cost to build seven new nuclear power stations, which would deliver exactly the same amount of power as the installed capacity of the 7,000 wind turbines. The Government seems to be telling us that just to connect 7,000 wind turbines to the grid will cost more than it would to generate the same amount of energy from nuclear power stations. This is before we take into account the enormous cost of building the turbines.”

I will be tabling further questions to try to clarify the answers I have received so far. The above information is astonishing and clearly vindicates VORTEX and other campaigners in Shropshire opposed to wind farms which are clearly a massive waste of consumers’ money.