£12 million allocation for Rural Broadband in Shropshire

Central and local government is already investing £1.2 billion to give people all over the UK access to superfast broadband. Today an extra £250 million of funding has been announced for English local authorities, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to extend superfast broadband coverage to 95% of the UK by 2017.  £12.8 Million of this funding was allocated for Shropshire.


After the announcement Owen Paterson MP said ‘This is a great boost for my campaign to improve broadband delivery in North Shropshire. I am delighted that my constituents will benefit from these additional funds.’


This investment is a central part to the Governments long-term economic plan, providing the infrastructure that is needed to help secure Britain’s future by creating more jobs and ensuring small business has the backing it needs.


Superfast broadband coverage in the UK is already higher than in Germany, Italy, Spain and France and the Government’s current investment is already delivering superfast upgrades to more than 10,000 more homes and businesses each week, set to rise to 40,000 premises per week by the summer. This additional investment takes us even further adding over a million more premises to the roll out.


The Government wants to ensure all parts of the UK are able to feel the advantages of superfast broadband. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will benefit from over £40 million between them. The Devolved Administrations will be able to decide themselves how to match fund and where to spend the money.