From its first creation in 1832 to the abolition of the first creation in 1885, the constituency of North Shropshire elected two Knights of the Shire. In 1885 it was - together with the constituency of South Shropshire - divided between four constituencies (Ludlow, Newport, Oswestry and Wellington). In 1983 it was revived.

The Electoral Reform Society considers it to be historically the safest seat in the country. Taking into account the intermediary seats roughly covering its boundaries, the Society considers that the seat has been held continuously by the Conservative Party since 1835 - since the days of the Tamworth Manifesto, and before Queen Victoria's accession to the throne.

Owen has held the seat since 1997. The constituency is coextensive with that of the North area of Shropshire Council, which is the same as the former districts of North Shropshire and Oswestry.

The constituency is rural and is north of Shrewsbury, west of Newcastle-under-Lyme and south of Cheshire. The towns of Wem, Whitchurch, Ellesmere, Oswestry, and Market Drayton are present.

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